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The Restaurant

Thank you for choosing Gumbo Ya Ya!  We realize you had a choice and we are glad it was us!  So we promise you the very best food, service, and atmosphere we can provide!  Our company was founded on the following principals:

1. Give the people great food!

2. Give it to them quickly!

3. Give it to them with a smile!

4. Repeat steps 1-3! 


We started as a food truck...and with the level of food we provide we have had to develop procedures that allow us to provide premium food offerings with casual level speed! ...We got it!

We have taken the best recipes our families have to offer, upscaled them and made them available to you!

To be clear...WE ARE NOT A FUSION RESTAURANT.  Our Puerto Rican and Louisiana recipes are and remain authentic...however (yes there is a "but")...we do offer some unique combinations that encompass the flavors and cooking techniques of both cultures specifically in our P.R. Ya Ya Empanada and our Famous Wings (Cooked Puerto Rican style and seasoned Louisiana style!).


We pride ourselves on the following kitchen practices:

-We do not cook with salt...period.

-We do not "bread" anything here...not even the seafood or wings

-With the exception of our fries...We do not serve anything from a bag or can

-We use only fresh ingredients and we cook EVERYTHING!   

We want to make sure you come back to us, so we ensure we are always courteous, quick and give you what you pay for and then some!  Our portions are among the largest out there! and we truly aim to please and so far, so good!

Again...Thank you for choosing us...



Rick and Liza