Why P.R. and NOLA?

Why Puerto Rico and NOLA?

We have had customers ask us “why New Orleans/Louisiana and Puerto Rico?” or “where does this combo come from?” or our personal favorite:  “Cajun and Puerto Rican…who does that?” The answer to these and similar questions is quite simple and always the same I grew up in New Orleans and Liza is Puerto Rican.  No magical business game plan to “fuse” that which was not previously fused…no gimmick to be different…Liza’s P.R. and I am NOLA.  Simple.

Now, we both love to cook, neither of us lost our passions to do so despite our backgrounds…Mine being military and hers in corporate America.  So when we met we spent lots of time in the kitchen together.  One day, I unilaterally decided that Liza’s food was good enough to sell (I already knew mine was! LOL).  Now, we realized that declaration alone was NOT good enough to go “ALL STOP” with our careers…let alone a running start to sell food out of the back of a Honda Accord…however, it WAS enough to at least sit down and seriouslyconsider what it would take to legitimately sell food.

We developed a plan, executed, and after a ton of hard work and plenty of “muscle in our hustle”, we were not only operating consistently in a food truck, we were supplying our food to the Federal Government on a weekly basis!  We eventually wound up in our food truck on Andrews AFB in 2016.  This quickly transitioned to a brick and mortar on Andrews, and Gumbo Ya Ya to Geaux was firmly established.

We loved our customers on Andrews…truly the best on planet earth! But we needed to spread our wings and see if we could make it on the outside as a brick and mortar…we wanted to bring our food to the “general public”, beyond the confines of Andrews AFB.

Thus we dropped the “to Geaux” from our name and moved forward as simply “Gumbo Ya Ya”.  Now here we are…”flash to bang” time from idea to present…about 3 years. Seems more like 30…but I wouldn’t change a thing…we love who we are and where we are going…and we have tons of support for both!  Y’all keep coming…We’ll keep cooking!

Laissez le bon temps rouler!...Deja las buenos tiempos pasar!...Let the good times roll! 

Rick and Liza